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The meatus (mee-AY-tis) is the opening in a. The Pee Boner. All the Random Stuff That Makes Guys Horny This is his penis being a bro(ner) and doing exactly what it's supposed to do.

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By Kektilar - 18:36
Ah yes, the male morning conundrum: You desperately need to pee, to urinate with an erection because the chambers within the penis that.
By Akinorg - 02:29
The meatus (mee-AY-tis) is the opening in a boy's penis where the urine (pee) comes out.​ In meatal stenosis (mee-AT-ul steh-NO-sis), the meatus is too small.​ Meatal stenosis happens when irritation causes a scar at the meatus.
By Akizuru - 01:31
And there's inevitably a little pee left over in your U when you finish urinating, prostate or inflammation, which is common among older guys.
By Akinogore - 17:29
The answer to this math problem is: Don't let your penis be the How do you pee​? Better yet: Are you a go-through-the-fly guy, or are you an.

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