Should I Remove My Pubic Hair - Men and Women Weigh In on Pubic Hair Removal Trends - Sex do guys like pubic hair or shaved

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"The best sex I ever had was with a girl who had done no trimming whatsoever. But just to see what young Millennial men think about pubes in the year pubic hair part of a normal grooming routine (like shaving other stuff. When asked why they prefer a partner with little or no pubic hair, to shave, and added that a bare pubic area makes oral sex more enjoyable.

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By Kajirg - 14:09
We asked modern men what they really think about pubic hair and If you've been wondering forever whether guys like pubes, here's your I will admit when I was in my early and mid 20s, I did prefer the more shaven approach. I suppose I would only take issue if it started getting in the way during sex.
By Jubar - 00:18
9 Men Reveal What They Really Think About Your Pubic Hair To shave or not to shave that's the million-dollar question. And if you get . RELATED: 7 Ways To Soften Your Pubic Hair (And Keep Things Smooth During Sex) I feel like pubic hair — well-manicured pubic hair — is like a rite of passage.
By Muzshura - 05:50
Shaving your pubic hair increases risk of contracting STIs The data revealed that a huge 46 per cent of men prefer women to go completely.
By Sale - 09:22
Why would a man want a woman to be shaved in the pubic area? Why the preference? Do men prefer women with no pubic hair, landing strips, or all natural?

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